email + JS = ♡

What is it?

emailJS is a set of components that can be used to write email apps in pure JavaScript on the client in HTML5 or on the server in node.js. Components include:

Check out all of the modules in our emailJS GitHub organization



In order to communicate over TCP the IMAP and SMTP components require apis that are currently only supported natively by Firefox OS. For platforms like Chrome Apps, node.js and Electron, and NW.js that use non-standard apis, the following shims are used:

Getting involved

For a list of all components and usage examples check out the emailJS GitHub organization. Components that belong to emailJS are MIT licensed.

If you need help getting started or would like to contribute, please checkout our mailing list:!forum/emailjs

Authors and Contributors

The components were originally written by Andris Reinman (@andris9), the author of Nodemailer. They are maintained by him, Felix Hammerl (@felixhammerl), and Andrew Sutherland (@asutherland). Among others, Mozilla also uses them in the stock email app for Firefox OS 2.1.